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In 2014, LECHO R&D team started to develop LECHO wall mounted washing machine. The cleaning ability of the washing machine, the appearance of the washing machine, the grain of the washing machine drum, the heating temperature, the intelligent control programme, the planning of the internal wiring of the washing machine, the material of the shell of the washing machine, the weight and volume of the washing machine as a whole, the user's experience, the power consumption of the washing machine, the water consumption, and so on many other aspects have been repeatedly researched and improved by the LECHO R&D team. Just to provide customers with the best experience.
So we can proudly say that we can guarantee the quality of LECHO washing machine, we can bring customers high quality products. Moreover, LECHO wall mounted washing machine is the smallest in size with the same washing capacity.
LECHO wall-mounted washing machine, with IMD personalised panel technology, supports customised housing, adding more colour and beauty to life, reflecting everyone's unique personality in the details, creating a unique washing machine in the world that belongs to you.
Each LECHO wall mounted washing machine is strictly tested by LECHO quality inspectors. Providing customers with high quality products is our most basic guideline.LECHO always insists on the R&D concept of combining life aesthetics and technology to bring beauty and convenience to users.LECHO enjoys a better life.

About  LECHO

After 17 years of development, LECHO has now become a comprehensive enterprise specialising in the research and development, manufacture and domestic and international sales of wall-mounted washing machines and dryers. We manufacture and sell washing machine products, washing machine moulds and related parts.
LECHO strictly implements ISO9001 management, 6S management and other national management modes. With high quality management system and advanced automated production line, we pioneered the personalised panel technology of IMD. It is the first small home appliance manufacturer in the world to accept individual customisation.
LECHO adheres to the concept of product development that integrates cultural values and technical functions. It not only actively explores and provides fashionable people with continuously innovative high-quality smart small appliances, but also inspires more young people to wake up to their needs and understand that life is not an outdated and heavy burden, but a fresh, beautiful and interesting experience.

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