Common Problem

1. Washing noise level

The Lecho wall-mounted washing machine adopts DC motor silent drive control, and the washing noise is 45dB, which will not affect normal life.


2. Can the washing program be changed at will?

Washing programs can be switched at will. No need to restart and then replace.


3. Product classification

Solid color series: white, tulip, silver, green

Pattern appearance: forest leaf appearance, painted appearance

Designer look: Olivier Leogane licensed appearance

Customized appearance: Customize the appearance of the washing machine based on the provided landscape photos, character photos, paintings, etc.


4. Picture requirements provided for customized appearance

Large high-definition pictures without copyright issues, the size should be more than 2M


5. Electricity requirements



6. Is ozone sterilization used to clean machines or clothes?

All can be cleaned

7. How many pieces of clothing can be washed? What is the capacity of the washing machine?

LECHO wall-mounted washing machine has a capacity of 3L. 

It can probably clean 5-8 shirts; 9-12 baby clothes; 8-15 underwear; 3-5 bath towels; 4-8 summer nightgowns; 4-7 children's coats


8. What types of clothes cannot be boiled and washed at high temperatures?

It is recommended not to use the high-temperature washing function for pure cotton, silk, and fur clothing.


9. How to set up ozone sterilization?

Simply press the ozone sterilization button to set it up successfully.


10. Can the embedded type be installed?

Inlay type can be installed. It is recommended to reserve a height of 5-8cm at the bottom for later use of the sewage outlet


11. If the washing machine is hung on the wall, won’t it fall due to such a large rotation force?

The machine adopts engineering mechanics design to effectively eliminate the resonance generated during operation, and the inner cylinder base is integrally linked, thereby effectively reducing the centrifugal force generated by the machine during operation.


12. Length of water pipes (inlet and outlet) and power cords

If there are no special requirements, the length of water pipes and power cords is 1.5m.


13. How to apply for an invoice?

There are two ways to apply: a. Apply directly on the website;  b. Contact customer service to provide invoicing information.

14. Will ozone sterilization make dark clothes fade?

Won't. Dark-colored clothing can be washed with confidence.


15. Possible installation locations

 Apartments, homes, RVs, yachts, studios, dormitories, etc.


16. Wall-mounted washing machines cannot be installed on the wall.

 Foam walls, plywood walls, thermal insulation walls, etc.


17. Walls on which wall-mounted washing machines can be installed

 18-23cm thick solid wall


18. Space requirements for installing a wall-mounted washing machine

 Space with height59cm and width56cm